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Introducing Advanced Hydrocarbon Stratigraphy

At AHS, we offer faster, more affordable solutions by combining our cutting-edge, proprietary technology with the experience and expertise of our team to invent new ways to help explore for and produce oil, gas, helium, hydrogen, geothermal energy, and evaluate CCS reservoir sites viability using new and old free drilling byproducts (cuttings, cores, and muds) and make these tools available through our commercial services.

A Paradigm Shift in Drilling Byproducts Analysis

Our scientific leadership invented ExxonMobil’s FIV and Schlumberger’s FIS systems for analyzing cuttings.  AHS was established to develop and deploy technology that overcomes the limitations of these older systems and the challenges of modern PDC bit drilling technologies.

The result of decades of research and development focused on unlocking the utility of free drilling byproducts as sources of information for evaluating oil and gas production capabilities, AHS Technology has exceeded this initial goal, increasing the quality and quantity of information that cuttings and other subsurface samples (cores, muds, and produced fluids) provide.  AHS Technology also increases the insights obtainable from these products, works faster than conventional methods, and improves the bottom line through better performance, affordability and actionable results

Redefining Oil & Gas Production Capability Evaluation

AHS Technology takes the analysis of petroleum drilling byproducts (cuttings and muds) to an entirely new level, exponentially expanding the reach, resolution, and range of information that can be obtained from these materials.

AHS Technology works in situations where older systems cannot; more reliably identify current gas and oil content; and provides quantitative results (unachievable by competing technologies).  AHS Technology provides a new approach to evaluating the oil and gas production capabilities of sites that is faster and more affordable than competing technologies.  See our AHS Technology page to learn more about what sets AHS apart.