Using Free Petroleum Drilling Byproducts to Map Oil & Gas

AHS Technology unlocks the information contained in petroleum drilling cuttings and muds, turning these free drilling byproducts into valuable sources of information for evaluating oil and natural gas production capabilities of sites faster, more completely, and more affordably than conventional analytical methods.


AHS Technology is remarkably flexible, robust, and capable:

  • AHS Technology has been successfully used for landing laterals, assessing frac stage design, and determining perforation depths
  • AHS Technology has successfully evaluated large acreage area, multi-well sites, worldwide, for overall prospectivity and for guiding drilling site selection,
  • AHS Technology has been successfully used to map oil and gas migration in both onshore and offshore environments for both conventional and unconventional resources
  • AHS Technology works with both old and new cuttings, even PDC cuttings, as well as muds and cores
  • AHS Technology works well with both OBM and WBM cuttings and muds


AHS Technology has been used successfully to provide PayZone Maps™ of sites and to provide a rapid evaluation of the impact of fracking, at only a fraction of the time and cost of competing technologies.

AHS Technology Goes Far Beyond Fluid Inclusion Analysis

AHS Technology is built on different methods than conventional fluid inclusion analysis and far exceeds its capability.  AHS Technology redefines drilling byproduct-based oil production capability evaluation several ways:

AHS Technology evaluates current oil & gas deposits – fluid inclusion technology focuses on ancient conditions

AHS Technology is capable of quantitative analysis of oil and gas deposits; competing technologies offer only qualitative output

AHS Technology can assess the impact of fracking a site (“frackability”); competing technologies can’t


AHS Technology significantly advances the speed of well site evaluation technology.  AHS can perform an entire site analysis in a matter of days, while providing the kind of information that previously required weeks-to-months to generate or was simply unobtainable.  The speed of AHS Technology means that AHS provides information when it is needed, reducing expense.



Developed over Decades by a Leader in Cuttings & Muds Innovation

AHS Technology is the realization of the inventions of Dr. Michael P. Smith, a pioneer in the field of cuttings and muds petrogeology.  Mike invented Schlumberger’s commercially marketed FIS system and ExxonMobil’s internally used FIV system.

After seeing both the promise and significant shortcomings of his initial inventions in cuttings fluid inclusion analysis for companies such as Amoco, ExxonMobil, and Shell, Mike formed AHS to focus his efforts on unlocking the full potential of well cuttings and muds and to build a team that could support his vision of accessing the full potential of these materials.

AHS Technology reflects the realization of Mike’s mission.  AHS is excited to be able to offer this new set of tools to help petroleum scientists and companies to more efficiently find and produce oil and gas.